Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

Wow, that was 11 years ago...I can't believe it!  I was at work....at Lockheed Credit Union in Marietta, GA....I worked in member services and the phones would be ringing all day long!!  I was a 19 year old Freshmen at Georgia State University that worked during the day and took evening classes.  To entertain myself, I stayed on CNN.com (so that I would have something to contribute to our current events convo in class) and other websites...then all of a sudden...all of the calls holding dropped down to zero....and I had just finished up a call. I was excited to get a break so early in the day.  I went online....and I saw coverage of the first plane hitting the tower.  My jaw dropped...then slowly the other events unfolded.  I worked for Lockheed Martin's Credit Union...right down the hill from the plant that builds planes for the nation...I couldn't take it...I left the office.  Phone lines were messed up...the images of the towers falling replayed in my mind over and over again.  For the next few years, I would have conversations with others about what they were doing on 09/11/2001. Do you remember what you were doing?

I was just in New York a few weeks ago doing shows going from borough to borough....I was complaining about traffic and the congestion on the streets.  This was my first trip to NY.....See in NYC, your destination could be 10 miles away, but its almost an hour drive.  I was in traffic in Manhattan, then realized I was near ground zero.  I immediately thought of 9/11....how that day changed us as a nation....all of the lives lost...those injured....and the family members that were left behind.  Then I thought about how it must have felt that day...traffic jams and people everywhere is a part of a typical day in NYC...but add catastrophes and panic to the equation....I cried.  Continue to pray for the families of the victims and our nation as a whole.  We will never forget.... 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sharing is NOT Always Caring

As I sit back, watching shows like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Cheaters, I wonder what some of our beautiful brothers and sisters are thinking.  It seems like now-a-days, no one is faithful.  When I look to my elders who have been married 40, 50, and even 60 years, I wonder if some of the relationships today could stand to be together for that many years.  I'm sure that our elders had to endure some of the same challenges that we have today....temptations, hoes (they've been around 4ever), financial stress, etc., but it seems like they had the strength to stand up and fight for their relationships.  Now every time you turn around, someone is getting married then divorced in the same year....somebody is getting married, headbutted, then filing for divorce....or some beautiful women is happy with her 25% of a guy while sharing him with 3 other heffas. Let me set something straight....I do not condone abuse on any level from anyone...but I do believe in looking at the situation from every angle and then making a move.  Let me touch on one aspect of relationships....having multiple ones. 

Who said that there's anything wrong with having more than one boyfriend/girlfriend?  If we step out of our zip code and look at the World, it is acceptable in some cultures to have multiple wives.  Even the Bible accounts in the Old Testament where men had more than one wife.  Me personally, I could not handle being wife number anything except one!!!  Now, for the nights when I don't feel like sex'n him up...yeah, another bitch would come in handy...LOL.....SERIOUSLY, If that kind of arrangement works for you....then so be it! Straight up, do you really expect your boyfriend or girlfriend to be 100% faithful to you?  I wouldn't put my faith in someone who I was just dating.....sorry that's just me!  I feel like when a man is ready to be committed to women, he'll take it to the next level.  Communication is key....a part of commitment is that communication is open, clear, and honest.  Like my Momma says, "Honesty is the best policy!" The reality of the situation is that some people can not handle the truth...

Some people are just freaks by nature....if you're a freak....say you're a freak!  Don't wait until you're married with 2 or 3 children to tell a bitch that you like people playing with your booty hole!!  UGGH!  Be honest and up front about it!  If I can deal with you're booty hole hunger games, then we're a match...if not, its a wrap.  I don't like when people withhold information in hopes of tricking someone to stay with them.  Some people like multiple partners in the bedroom, and if you both can deal with it...then get ya TROIS on!
So, if you're open, honest, and this type of lifestyle works for you...then great! 

In the past, I've played the cheater and the faithful one in relationships, and cheating is wrong...but do you know what's worst?  When one is aware that their boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating, allows it to happen, then plays the victim. No, you're sharing a mate because you'd rather have part of a person than none of them at all.  Wow!!!  What kind of voodoo does the person have on you that would cause you to neglect yourself? At this point, a conversation is needed in order to determine the future of the relationship.  Some people cannot face the music.  If you want to stay with the person, can you handle sharing them?  There are many successful open relationships out there, but you'll have to share a person...is that caring about your own desires and wishes?  Or succumbing to lust?  Think about it.... 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Generational Set Up

Hey beautiful people, a couple of my colleagues and I had a conversation about karma, that still resonates in my mind.  We've all heard the term, "what goes around, comes around"...right?!?!  Well, its true! The things that you do may not come around to you, but may fall on your children, grandchildren, or the generations to come.  Yeah, take a moment to process that....generations to come!  Generational blessings and curses DO exist! 

I am a Christian...(and I'm guilty for not studying the Bible like I should) and there are stories in the Bible that state how God was going to bless an entire family because of the good deeds of one.  Just like there are generational blessings, there are generational curses. For example, we've all heard someone say, "So-and-so is just like their daddy!" or "Awww, he/she is a drunk just like their Momma." Why is that?  It is my belief that what ever you put out in the atmosphere will follow you AND your seeds.  Now granted, life is life, and we all may try things, drink, or experiment with drugs, but certain behaviors are learned!

Before you say, "duh"...think about it....let's say you're a dude....and you grow up in a household seeing your father beat on your mother.  When you grow up, you beat on your wife, not only because you have anger issues, but because you grew up watching your father do the same thing.  So, if you do the same thing in font of your kid, more than likely, they'll grow up to be physical with their mate.  The vicious cycle continues, why?  Its a generational curse! No one fully understand why they do it, THEY JUST DO IT BECAUSE THAT'S ALL THEY'VE EVER KNOWN. So, because you're caught up in this cycle of "same results", that's the only hand you'll ever be dealt and all of the repercussions come with it. 

Generational curses can be broken! It is up to us to make it happen.  Life and death is in the power of the tongue, so therefore if you speak greatness over your situation, IT SHALL BE SO! Habits are hard to break, but recognizing what's going on and changing your actions will break the curse. You think I'm lying? 

True story, back in the day before he met and married my Mother, my Father was a drunk.  He was thugged out and all that (I get it from my Daddy)!  So was his Father...and so on. My Dad grew up watching my Grandfather get drunk and run the streets.  Maybe 10 years before I was born, my Father stopped drinking and got saved.  So my entire life, I never saw my Father drink at all!  Yes, I do drink...but I rarely get drunk.  Alcoholism runs in my family, but the curse has stopped in my branch of the family because of my Father.  I come from a huge family...and my Aunts and Uncles have children that are still running the streets that are in their 50's getting drunk.  The curse is still running in the other branches of my family tree, but has stopped with me. It is my prayer that my children do not turn to drugs and alcohol in order to deal with life.  The moment that we take hold of the things that are plaguing us, is the moment that we set ourselves free!   

Generational blessings are also real!  In the Black church, there's a saying that is often heard, "Somebody prayed for me!" Meaning that I did not make it on my own prayers, someone else was praying for me...and it helped me through my situation.  I believe that in addition to prayer, generational blessings make things happen.  All parents want the best for their children, but people do not understand that the good deeds that you do today can come back to your children in the future.  I've often heard that my Grandmother spent time praying for people and feeding the hungry.  God wants us to show compassion to our brothers and sisters...that's our job as a Christian!  Because of my Grandmother's obedience to God and the good deeds that she's done for others, my Mother and all of her brothers and sisters have been blessed.  Now, I feel like the unexplained goodness and favor in my life is shown to me because of the life that my ancestors have lived.

You know the saying, "You reap what you sew..." Well, good or bad, what you plant into other peoples lives will come back to you.  Your children are your seeds, so why can't the same blessings and curses grow in their life?  That's something to think about.  As mentioned earlier, the Bible and other religious books make reference to generations and seeds being blessed.  So why do you think that this doesn't happen today? We have the power, but we haven't tapped into it.....Get your inheritance and set up blessings for generations to come through your good energy!  

Monday, June 11, 2012

The "N" Word....Access Granted

You know exactly what "N" word I'm talking about.  It seems like now-a-dayz its cool to be a "N"....cool to say "N".  Lemme tell you something, I use it....but its not coming out of my mouth every second.  I'm an entertainer, and sure...it comes out in a joke or two.  Hell, my Mother even says the word, but she uses it wisely. By my definition, a "N" is someone who is ignorant, and its not specific to race/gender/class. Therefore, by my definition, ANYONE can be a "N"....yes, you read me correctly....anyone...White, Black, Man, Woman, Jew, Asian.....you get it!

Most people use the word affectionately to describe a friend or an acquaintance.  I'm not offended by it, when "we" are using it....and by "we" I mean people of African decent.  I had to take a deeper look, and ask myself, "Why are you okay with a word being used by people of African decent, if I am defining the word based on a person's attitude, and not their race?" Self, you pose an excellent question to yourself....but I think that's due to the way that the word was used historically.  Look, I'm not trying to create any theories...just letting you know how I feel.

If you know the history of African Americans, we were called NIGGER by our oppressors, therefore I feel like we inherently own rights to the word.  According to UN reports, over 200 million people identify themselves as being from African decent...which includes members from all races.  Ok, its obvious that West Indian people are of African decent....also Latino, and Middle Eastern people.  Some people who identify themselves as White would be surprised if they swab themselves and take the test...they'll find out that they TOO have African descendants on their family tree.  With that being said, is it okay for them to say the "N" word too?  In my mind, yeah....but no at the same damn time!

True Story

I know this guy (he's probably reading this now..HEY HONEY), who lives in the heart of Dixie, that calls Black people "NIGGA" affectionately on a regular basis. Now, all he hangs around are black people...he dresses urban....talks urban slang,  his body language and attitude says Black....he's what we would call "White Chocolate".  Every time I would hear him say nigga, I would cringe, but his homies didn't think anything of it.  I knew that him saying "NIGGA" was not coming from a hurtful place, but I was still bothered by his usage of the word. 

One day I decided to have a talk with him about his frequent usage of the word "NIGGA".  He got me right together and told me that he is 25% Native American, and if any group of people have endured hardship...its HIS people.  He told me that he understood the struggle of African Americans and he would never use the word in a hurtful way, but he thinks of Native Americans and African Americans as people of color that both endured hardship at the hand of White people.  Damn, how could I respond to that....from the outside, he does not look majority White AT ALL, but the thought of this guy who is more than half White saying the word was like nails to a chalkboard. 

Wrap Up

The word "NIGGER" has different definition than the word "NIGGA".....its something about that "ER" at the end that screams racism!  How did the oppressors say it, "NIGGER".  What do you think?  Leave ReleVent Randomness a comment. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Go Ahead, Cheer If You Want To....

OMG, I just read a story about a mother in South Carolina being arrested for cheering too loudly at her daughter's high school graduation.  So, whenever I hear news, I have to wonder the person's race (don't judge me, you probably do too!!).  This sounds like a Negro crime...right?!? RIGHT!  Well, I haven't even confirmed the person's race, but once I read that child's name....baby...I knew! 

Shannon Cooper (you can't tell yet!!) was accused of yelling so loudly during her daughter Iesha's(Ok...race confirmed, right?!?!) graduation on Saturday night, the cops charged her with disorderly conduct and took her to jail! Ms. Cooper told WPDE NewsChannel 15 in Myrtle Beach. “Are ya’ll serious? Are ya’ll for real? I mean, that’s what I’m thinking in my mind....I didn’t say anything. I was just like OK, I can’t fight the law.“ Cooper claims that she was not acting any differently than any of the other parents when their kids names were called. 

Poor Iesha didn't know that her Momma was being arrested until her friends told her (they were probably laughing their asses off...I wonder were they white?!?!).  “They’re locking your momma up for cheering — and I was like that isn’t right because other people was cheering and they didn’t lock them up,” Iesha told the TV station. This poor child has to for the rest of her life associate her graduation with her Mother being arrested....ummm! Her Mother was in jail for several hours, then released on a $225 bond. 

View the Story via YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsX_8-uAooI

There was another story about a young man Anthony Cornist in Ohio that was given 20 hours of community service after his graduation because his family was cheering excessively!  The school even denied the young man his diploma...then told him that he could split the community service with his family.  The young man's Mother was quoted saying that the punishment is “ludicrous” and none of them would be doing it!  I don't blame her hunny....community service for cheering?!?!  And holding that baby's diploma?!?!  Hmmmph, I would have told them to service the community by doing it their damn selves...and give my baby his walkin' papers!  Tax payers get no respect now-a-dayz!
Have You Seen This Shit?!?!  <<< Click Here

My heart goes out to the families that suffered a loss in the OKC apartment fires.  Whenever these events happen, the news is always on the scene to interview residents to get their story.  The local news interviewed a lady by the name of "Sweet Brown"....honey gone!  Sweet Brown is the new Antoine Dodson baby!!  This video tickles me, but clearly Sweet lives that LIFE!!  Who is that ninja walking around in the background?!  See, why does the media constantly do this?!?!  Allow people to tell their account of what happened and kick it up a notch!  Sweet is famous now baby and will not have to work for another rock again (Oooops, did I say that?!?!)!  Over dinner a couple of days ago, one of my best friends showed me this video and I know I've watched it at least 30 times!!

Here's what happened: http://kfor.com/2012/04/08/okc-apartment-complex-catches-fire-5-units-damaged/

My Introduction

Lemme formally introduce myself....I am Ne-nee Dodd and I am a Comedienne.  I started doing comedy on 07/18/2011 and I love it! I look at life a little differently than most...and I want to share my views with the world. So.....LEMME TELL YOU SOMETHING...get ready for my relevant randomness!