Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Go Ahead, Cheer If You Want To....

OMG, I just read a story about a mother in South Carolina being arrested for cheering too loudly at her daughter's high school graduation.  So, whenever I hear news, I have to wonder the person's race (don't judge me, you probably do too!!).  This sounds like a Negro crime...right?!? RIGHT!  Well, I haven't even confirmed the person's race, but once I read that child's knew! 

Shannon Cooper (you can't tell yet!!) was accused of yelling so loudly during her daughter Iesha's(Ok...race confirmed, right?!?!) graduation on Saturday night, the cops charged her with disorderly conduct and took her to jail! Ms. Cooper told WPDE NewsChannel 15 in Myrtle Beach. “Are ya’ll serious? Are ya’ll for real? I mean, that’s what I’m thinking in my mind....I didn’t say anything. I was just like OK, I can’t fight the law.“ Cooper claims that she was not acting any differently than any of the other parents when their kids names were called. 

Poor Iesha didn't know that her Momma was being arrested until her friends told her (they were probably laughing their asses off...I wonder were they white?!?!).  “They’re locking your momma up for cheering — and I was like that isn’t right because other people was cheering and they didn’t lock them up,” Iesha told the TV station. This poor child has to for the rest of her life associate her graduation with her Mother being arrested....ummm! Her Mother was in jail for several hours, then released on a $225 bond. 

View the Story via YouTube:

There was another story about a young man Anthony Cornist in Ohio that was given 20 hours of community service after his graduation because his family was cheering excessively!  The school even denied the young man his diploma...then told him that he could split the community service with his family.  The young man's Mother was quoted saying that the punishment is “ludicrous” and none of them would be doing it!  I don't blame her service for cheering?!?!  And holding that baby's diploma?!?!  Hmmmph, I would have told them to service the community by doing it their damn selves...and give my baby his walkin' papers!  Tax payers get no respect now-a-dayz!

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