Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

Wow, that was 11 years ago...I can't believe it!  I was at work....at Lockheed Credit Union in Marietta, GA....I worked in member services and the phones would be ringing all day long!!  I was a 19 year old Freshmen at Georgia State University that worked during the day and took evening classes.  To entertain myself, I stayed on CNN.com (so that I would have something to contribute to our current events convo in class) and other websites...then all of a sudden...all of the calls holding dropped down to zero....and I had just finished up a call. I was excited to get a break so early in the day.  I went online....and I saw coverage of the first plane hitting the tower.  My jaw dropped...then slowly the other events unfolded.  I worked for Lockheed Martin's Credit Union...right down the hill from the plant that builds planes for the nation...I couldn't take it...I left the office.  Phone lines were messed up...the images of the towers falling replayed in my mind over and over again.  For the next few years, I would have conversations with others about what they were doing on 09/11/2001. Do you remember what you were doing?

I was just in New York a few weeks ago doing shows going from borough to borough....I was complaining about traffic and the congestion on the streets.  This was my first trip to NY.....See in NYC, your destination could be 10 miles away, but its almost an hour drive.  I was in traffic in Manhattan, then realized I was near ground zero.  I immediately thought of 9/11....how that day changed us as a nation....all of the lives lost...those injured....and the family members that were left behind.  Then I thought about how it must have felt that day...traffic jams and people everywhere is a part of a typical day in NYC...but add catastrophes and panic to the equation....I cried.  Continue to pray for the families of the victims and our nation as a whole.  We will never forget.... 

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