Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Generational Set Up

Hey beautiful people, a couple of my colleagues and I had a conversation about karma, that still resonates in my mind.  We've all heard the term, "what goes around, comes around"...right?!?!  Well, its true! The things that you do may not come around to you, but may fall on your children, grandchildren, or the generations to come.  Yeah, take a moment to process that....generations to come!  Generational blessings and curses DO exist! 

I am a Christian...(and I'm guilty for not studying the Bible like I should) and there are stories in the Bible that state how God was going to bless an entire family because of the good deeds of one.  Just like there are generational blessings, there are generational curses. For example, we've all heard someone say, "So-and-so is just like their daddy!" or "Awww, he/she is a drunk just like their Momma." Why is that?  It is my belief that what ever you put out in the atmosphere will follow you AND your seeds.  Now granted, life is life, and we all may try things, drink, or experiment with drugs, but certain behaviors are learned!

Before you say, "duh"...think about it....let's say you're a dude....and you grow up in a household seeing your father beat on your mother.  When you grow up, you beat on your wife, not only because you have anger issues, but because you grew up watching your father do the same thing.  So, if you do the same thing in font of your kid, more than likely, they'll grow up to be physical with their mate.  The vicious cycle continues, why?  Its a generational curse! No one fully understand why they do it, THEY JUST DO IT BECAUSE THAT'S ALL THEY'VE EVER KNOWN. So, because you're caught up in this cycle of "same results", that's the only hand you'll ever be dealt and all of the repercussions come with it. 

Generational curses can be broken! It is up to us to make it happen.  Life and death is in the power of the tongue, so therefore if you speak greatness over your situation, IT SHALL BE SO! Habits are hard to break, but recognizing what's going on and changing your actions will break the curse. You think I'm lying? 

True story, back in the day before he met and married my Mother, my Father was a drunk.  He was thugged out and all that (I get it from my Daddy)!  So was his Father...and so on. My Dad grew up watching my Grandfather get drunk and run the streets.  Maybe 10 years before I was born, my Father stopped drinking and got saved.  So my entire life, I never saw my Father drink at all!  Yes, I do drink...but I rarely get drunk.  Alcoholism runs in my family, but the curse has stopped in my branch of the family because of my Father.  I come from a huge family...and my Aunts and Uncles have children that are still running the streets that are in their 50's getting drunk.  The curse is still running in the other branches of my family tree, but has stopped with me. It is my prayer that my children do not turn to drugs and alcohol in order to deal with life.  The moment that we take hold of the things that are plaguing us, is the moment that we set ourselves free!   

Generational blessings are also real!  In the Black church, there's a saying that is often heard, "Somebody prayed for me!" Meaning that I did not make it on my own prayers, someone else was praying for me...and it helped me through my situation.  I believe that in addition to prayer, generational blessings make things happen.  All parents want the best for their children, but people do not understand that the good deeds that you do today can come back to your children in the future.  I've often heard that my Grandmother spent time praying for people and feeding the hungry.  God wants us to show compassion to our brothers and sisters...that's our job as a Christian!  Because of my Grandmother's obedience to God and the good deeds that she's done for others, my Mother and all of her brothers and sisters have been blessed.  Now, I feel like the unexplained goodness and favor in my life is shown to me because of the life that my ancestors have lived.

You know the saying, "You reap what you sew..." Well, good or bad, what you plant into other peoples lives will come back to you.  Your children are your seeds, so why can't the same blessings and curses grow in their life?  That's something to think about.  As mentioned earlier, the Bible and other religious books make reference to generations and seeds being blessed.  So why do you think that this doesn't happen today? We have the power, but we haven't tapped into it.....Get your inheritance and set up blessings for generations to come through your good energy!